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Tuesday, February 14th 2012, 12:37pm

rFactor 2 Motec Plugin v1.03 by Lazza

rFactor 2 Motec Plugin v1.03 by Lazza

rFactor 2 Motec Plugin v1.03 by Lazza - 14thFeb2012

Please read the included readme.txt. Quick guide/changes follows:

Extract the entire archive to your rFactor 2 'core' folder. If done correctly you'll have the MotecPlugin.dll sitting beside the NetCommUtilPlugin.dll that comes with rF2.

Once installed, load up rF2 (single or multiplayer) to the menu (no need to go to the track just yet), quit out, and if the plugin is running correctly you'll find a MotecPlugin.ini in your rF2 core folder.

UAC users: try C:\Users\"YourLoginName"\AppData\Local\VirtualStor e\Program Files (x86)\rFactor2\MotecPlugin.ini (thanks to bigal)

If you've set logging to be active on startup, as soon as you jump in the car you'll hear beeps indicating logging is active.
'Upwards beeps' = logging on. 'Downwards beeps' = logging off.
Otherwise, hit Ctrl-M (or your own defined key) to switch logging on.

Note: In the current version of rF2 a red plugin icon appears when you jump in the car; this is normal and doesn't mean anything has gone wrong. However, plugins are not active until this icon disappears again (~20 secs or so), so if you have logging active you won't get logged data for this period, and if you try to switch it on you won't be able to until the icon disappears.

When logging is finished, either through switching it off or by exiting the car, you will hear the beeps indicating the log has finished being built (converted from the temp file) usually after a short pause. You can then open it up in i2Pro as you wish.

If you log a lot of data then try to immediately exit rF2, it might pause on a blackscreen for a short period. A driving stint of several hours should only take 5-10s to finish converting. (longer stints or higher data rates will take longer)

Changes 1.01
  • Tyre temps now have 1 decimal place so they don't switch to -327.68 when actually above 327.67 (celsius). Let's see if rF2 can generate any temps above 3276.7
  • Tyre load and suspension forces are kept in the -32768 -> 32767 (N) range to avoid a similar wraparound issue. Forces of that magnitude are very rare in normal driving situations, usually happen on the extra bumpy grass/gravel or heavy landings.

Changes 1.02
  • Fixed a bug that was causing corrupted LOG paths and game slowdowns.
  • Added extra weather info, but it's of limited use (see note in readme).
Always, if upgrading from an older version it won't rewrite the existing MotecPlugin.ini - so you need to rename it or delete it, then start up rF2, to see the new .ini options.

Changes 1.03
  • Found a bug causing a freeze/crash when exiting the car immediately after setting a time. Shouldn't cause a crash anymore, but be aware the laptime still won't work properly (best to bring the car to a stop or even drive back around to the pits before Escaping)

rF2_MotecPlugin_06Feb2012.7z (101.31 kB, 2 Downloads)
rF2_MotecPlugin_14Feb2012.7z (101.34 kB, 3 Downloads)

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